This page includes materials, or links to resources, to accompany messages.

Read more on the ICB's webpage about the vaccine, including signposts to relevant and valid sources of information.

Get vaccinated, get winter strong

Materials to promote the COVID-19 vaccine

There is a wealth of resources to help promote vaccines uptake, including:

Social media assets 

Resources for the Polish Community

A series of videos have been produced for members of the Polish community to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. They feature people who live and work in Poland talking about their experiences of the pandemic and their own reasons for having the vaccine.

You can share the links to the individual videos from the YouTube playlist

Please use these videos on any channels you may have to reach members of the local Polish community and share the links/video files with anyone else who may find them useful.

Resources in Russian and Ukrainian

COVID-19 programme resources for adults, pregnant women, children aged 12 to 17 and boosters are now available in Russian and Ukrainian to download or to order as paper copies.


Useful links to further resources

COVID-19 vaccination misinformation
Sharing false information about the COVID-19 vaccine can be dangerous. Inaccurate claims can circulate quickly. You can stop the spread of misinformation by checking the accuracy of information before passing it on. The Government has a social media campaign to tackle false vaccine information, find out more and download the toolkit here: COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Toolkit | DCMS (

Translated images
Please find below translated images to encourage people to get their vaccines even if they don't have ID, address, or GP registration:

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