Local resources

The following resources have been produced to support PPGs and practices across the Black Country. Posters, leaflets and display materials can be viewed and downloaded from the list below:

Training videos

We have a series of six training modules to aid the development of patient leaders serving on PPGs. The topics include tools and techniques to engage people in important discussions about their health and the services they need, the importance of objectivity and overcoming bias, NHS structures, and the use of technology to encourage people to have a voice.

Each module includes a training video and workbook. We hope each will allow people to grow in confidence and help them  fulfill their PPG role and make a real contribution to the development of healthcare services. 

Key learning points include:
  • NHS structures
  • Drivers of change; role of public participation, governance, probity and public transparency
  • Commissioning
  • General practice and PCNs
  • Engagement approaches: consultation, participation, involvement, and empowerment
  • The impact of the pandemic
  • Involving people in participation
  • Working with the practice and its patients
  • Importance of objectivity
  • Inclusivity and good representation
  • Learning the language
  • Recording and communicating progress
Training video

Download the 'Mapping the terrain' workbook

Key learning points
  • Overcoming pandemic restrictions using technology
  • The role of social media; Facebook, Twitter & other platforms
  • Use of technology e.g. WhatsApp, Zoom, Trello, Googlesuite
Training video

Download the 'Technology' workbook

Key learning points
  • Roles and responsibilities of a chair
  • Developing trust with GP staff and patients
  • Personal effectiveness; gaining support for change, being knowledgeable
  • Influencing others & getting the best from them
  • Challenging perceptions and stereotypes
Training video

Download the 'PPG as an engagement tool' workbook

Key learning points
  • Chairing a meeting
  • Constructing an agenda
  • Facilitating discussion
  • Communication styles
  • Public speaking (using a clock)
  • Handling conflict in meetings
  • Supporting lay members to have a voice
  • How to grow support and interest in the PPG
Training video

Download the 'Running a PPG' workbook

Key learning points
  • Equity and access
  • Growing patient engagement and involvement
  • Getting things moving
  • Picking topics for the group to work on
Training video

Download the 'Personal effectiveness' workbook.

Key learning points
  • How do we evolve to become more PCN focussed?
  • Coproduction in healthcare
  • PPAG function
  • Being a representative voice
  • Professional conduct as a lay member
  • Development of the lay member network
Training video

Download the 'Engaging patients so they have a say' workbook.

NHS England resources and support

Supporting you to increase partnerships with patients, people, and communities in primary care 

NHS England have come together with Healthwatch, the National Association for Patient Participation, and The Patients Association to change the way services are delivered. The ‘Partnerships with patients, people and communities in primary care’ online discussion space will give you an opportunity for peer support, the chance to discover and share involvement examples and engage in meaningful conversations with other members.

The video will also support you in understanding the benefits of partnership working and offers you ten recommendations to improve involvement in primary care.

PPG Champions support

Patients and the public may be interested in joining the NHS Futures PPG Champions Group. This group meets every two months to bring together inspiring speakers and members of the public interested in primary care level engagement with people and communities. There are also opportunities to influence NHS England policy. Email england.ppgchampions@nhs.net to get involved.

Joining the online group is free and easy - click on the Future NHS page and ‘request access’ to create an account. Once your account is created, request to join the group. Alternatively, you can also email england.ppgchampions@nhs.net .

Resources from Patient Association videos

The Patients Association is a charity and has a variety of resources and videos on Patient Participation Groups and videos as listed below: 

Watch the video version of our PPG Toolkit: 

Resources from National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP)

NAPP has more than 40 years’ experience in facilitating and fostering patient participation, to ensure the patient voice remains at the heart of local, regional and national decision making 

NAPP has resources for patients and details further information about PPGs including a Step by Step guide to PPGs.   

The also have a dedicated section for healthcare professionals with lots of useful helpful information for GP practices on PPGs. 

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