Macmillan and Black Country Integrated Care Board are working alongside community groups to raise awareness around cancer.

Cultural barriers and a lack of awareness about what cancer is in communities can often lead to late diagnosis and poorer survival rates. We will look to address these issues through a proactive community engagement by holding regular sessions and awareness talks.

The key main areas that we will look at are:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Cancer Prevention and Early Diagnosis
  • Cancer Screening Programmes
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Living well and beyond cancer

We will be looking at visiting communities soon with a range of awareness sessions and practical workshops, remember your feedback is key! We want to build these sessions around what you want and allow you to have a voice. We are happy to come to already established groups so just let us know what the dates and times are.

Community Cancer Champions Programme

Are you interested in becoming a Community Cancer Champion? This training will aim to improve early diagnosis of cancer, addressing some of the health inequalities. Talking helps break down fear and barriers. This training program is designed in conjunction with Cancer Research UK and will give participants the knowledge and confidence to have conversations in their community about cancer prevention, myth-busting and early diagnosis.

What is a cancer champion?

A Cancer Champion is a role that simply requires you to take top tips and best practice back to your community and setting and help to improve awareness around cancer screening and early diagnosis.

This training will take place over three sessions and all sessions must be completed to finish the course.

Visit our community resource healthwave hub where we have a wide range of cancer resources in different languages.

We recently spoke to one of our cancer champions, Natsai Telfer, who talks us through her brief journey and why she decided to become a cancer champion.

Please get in contact with the team if you would like more information.

Primary Care Cancer Champions are a range of healthcare professionals within GP surgeries across the Black Country who are trained and able to develop locally led action plans and share best practice with other colleagues and patients. This will help to develop actions across Primary Care that will have an impact on patients likelihood of surviving cancer.

image of cancer champion Raj standing behind display table
Primary Care Cancer Champion Raj

Cancer Champions take part in regular forums, where community and primary care come together to share best practice across the Black Country.

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