Making it safer than ever to have a baby is an area of focus for us. Supporting mothers, babies and families during pregnancy and birth is so important. Our aim is to deliver high-quality maternity and neonatal services across the Black Country, through co-production with women, which will be safe, personalised, and equitable to ensure every woman and baby receives the best possible care.

We have developed strategic priorities which are:

  • Delivery Plans - Woman holding ultrasound pregnancy picture.jpgmonitoring the quality of perinatal and postnatal (the period before and after birth) services to ensure they are of the highest standard
  • improved continuity of care, and experience for mothers, families, and babies
  • a focus on workforce to create new roles, share recruitment and allow our staff to work across organisational boundaries
  • reduced perinatal mortality and morbidity, and improve access to specialist care when needed
  • implementation of the action plan to improve health inequalities and accelerate work to support those mothers and babies at greatest risk of poor health outcomes.

Outcomes to be achieved

  • Improved safety and outcomes for women and their families.
  • Improved continuity of care, and experience.
  • Lower rates of morbidity/mortality.

  • Improved monitoring and assurance of safety.
  • Strengthened workforce resilience, and succession planning.

  • System leadership, supported by Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnership.
  • Collaboration and peer review/ learning.
  • Reduced health inequalities.
Woman looking at a pregnancy test

Work Programme

Programme To be delivered

Perinatal Quality Surveillance Model

To enhance the existing model a robust quality assurance process will be implemented, included peer review to achieve assurance of quality and safety, and delivery of Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle v2 and v3.



To further build on our progress, we will develop a workforce strategy focusing on consolidating recruitment for cross boundary working, new roles, shared recruitment and succession planning. 


Maternity Continuity of Carer (CoC)

To implement our five-year transformation plan, ensuring our model reflects the needs of our population and focuses on choice of place of birth rather than geography.


Reduce Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity

Work collaboratively to identify improvement actions to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities. Improving access to specialist care where required. 


Perinatal Equity and Equality Strategy and Action Plan

Through our dedicated Equality, Diversion and Inclusion leads we will implement our action plan, ensuring we accelerate work to support those at greatest risk of poor health outcomes.


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