Our vision is that people living in Sandwell will receive excellent care and support within their local area, exactly when they need it.

Our vision will be delivered by a team of people working together in partnership with local citizens. Through our partnership we will support and engage with communities to enable people and families to lead their best possible lives regardless of health status, age, background or ethnicity. Together we will tackle inequalities, supporting people born and living in Sandwell to have opportunities to lead happy, healthy lives.

Health and wellbeing priorities:

  • help people stay healthier for longer
  • help people stay safe and support communities
  • work together to join up services
  • work closely with local people, partners and providers of services.

Outcomes to be achieved

  • Responsive, coordinated care.
  • Improved outcomes for people living with long term conditions, empowered to live healthier lives.
  • Increased GP access, person-centred approach to care.
  • Improved patient experience, right care right time.
  • Supported to maintain usual place of residence where able.

  • Improved pathways between primary, community and secondary care to avoid duplication and delays.
  • Reduction in referrals, unplanned demand, and admission avoidance.
  • Use of digital technology/innovations.

  • Utilisation of population health data to support a reduction in health inequalities.
  • Sustainable workforce.
  • Provision co-designed with local people.

Work Programme

Programme To be delivered

Healthy communities

Working in partnership with local communities to empower citizens to lead healthier lives; focused on lifestyle, addictive behaviours, long term conditions, children and young people and social isolation.


Primary care

Facilitate the delivery of the directly enhanced service, develop a transformational approach to a sustainable future model, ensuring services are developed for local citizens.


Town teams

Develop integrated teams in each town, inclusive of community health, social care and mental health; delivering a person-centred approach.

2025-26 to 2027-28

Intermediate care

Citizens will be supported to live their best possible lives, receiving rehabilitation, reablement and appropriate interventions when required. 

2023-24 to 2024-25

Care navigation

Facilitate professionals and citizens to get the right service at the right time, through a single point of access, accessing seamless pathways.

2024-25 to 2025-26

Sustainable workforce

Grow a productive sustainable workforce that will increase staff satisfaction, and provide opportunities for local people.

2026-27 to 2027-28


Utilise digital technology to support the delivery of effective services, ensuring the local people receive support to minimise digital inequalities.

2025-26 to 2027-28

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