Our vision is to level up on social and quality of life issues - such as mental wellbeing, uneven life expectancy, excessive elective surgery waiting time, fighting gang crime, encourage healthier lives, and creating a safer environment.

Our plan outlines the intention to invest in the mental and physical wellbeing of residents to continue to build a borough to be proud of and improve the outcomes for the people of Walsall. Our overall programme reflects our commitments to our health and wellbeing priorities and addressing wider determinants of health.

Health and wellbeing priorities:

  • maximising people’s health, wellbeing and safety
  • creating health and sustainable places and communities
  • reducing population health inequalities.

Outcomes to be achieved

  • Joined up/connected services across primary and community services
  • Health and wellbeing centres/ network of specialist care
  • Reduced loneliness and social isolation
  • Improved health outcomes and patient experience
  • Holistic approach to care

  • Outcomes framework to identify opportunities
  • Digital technology and innovation
  • Integrated services to remove barriers, duplication and provide better value

  • Reduction in health inequalities
  • Increased social capacity and resilience
  • Sustainable workforce

Work Programme

Programme To be delivered

Primary Care Networks (PCN) Development Programme

To support delivery of the DES, establish stronger partnerships and join up care.


Resilient Communities (Tier 0)

Working together to ensure citizens are supported to live healthy lives; Prevention, identification, early intervention and self-care.


Family Hub programme

Focus on Family Hubs/ Start for Life which has six specific areas of action, with seamless support for families and an empowered workforce.


Integrated Place Based Teams (Tier 1)

Integrated Primary, Social and Community Services, delivering care at scale through a hub and spoke model across each locality


Specialist Community Services (Tier 2)

Accessible, high-quality care with local hospital teams working in a locality ‘Health and Wellbeing Centres’.


Intermediate, Unplanned and Crisis Services (Tier 3)

Network of care delivered from Health and Wellbeing Centres, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.


Acute and Emergency Services (Tier 4)

Access to high quality acute hospital services for patients needing specialist intervention.


BCH Community Mental Health Transformation

Working together to expand working relationships, review current pathways and development opportunities.



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